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UK Legislation

Air Alliance can offer a full pressure systems safety check which fully meets current UK legislative requirements including the production of a written scheme.

1. The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 128 came into force on 21st February 2000, superseding earlier legislation.  The regulations are now fully operational and enforceable by law.  The regulations cover Pressure “SYSTEMS” in their entirety, and not just pressure “VESSELS”.

2. Section 36 in Part 2 of the Factories Act 1961, which dealt with the statutory requirements applying to Air Receivers is now replaced in its entirety by the new regulations. 

3. The examination of Air Receivers, along with protective devices and many other items of equipment in a compressed air system are dealt with under the much broader requirements of PSSR regulation 8 – The Written Scheme of Examination

4. Competent persons only may produce or endorse Written Schemes of Examination.  The competent person should be a qualified engineer with adequate relevant experience in compressed air, knowledge of the law, the regulated codes of practice, examination and inspection techniques.  He should have an understanding of the effects and functional operation of the pressure system and its relevant fluid (e.g. Compressed Air). 

5. The owner and/ or the user of a compressed air system has responsibility for compliance with all regulations, which include design and construction (Reg 4), repair and modification (Reg 13), installation (Reg 6), Safe Operating Limits (Reg 7), operating instructions (Reg 11) and maintainance (Reg 12).

6. The Written Scheme of Examination should include a system drawing (schematic), using ISO standard pneumatic symbols, and a detailed components list and/ or a pipework layout drawing.

7. HSE Inspectors do look for compliance with the Regulations during their routine visits, and will be looking particularly for:

  • The basis on which the Safe Operating Limits of the system have been established
  • The possession and operation of an appropriate Written Scheme of Examination
  • Proper and timely maintenance 

8. Under the PSSR regulations, the HSE Inspectorate can:

  • Give advice and insist on improvement
  • Issue a Legal Notice, requiring either Corrective Action within 21 days, or Immediate Closure of the System (Prohibition Notice).

Prosecution through the Magistrates’ Court carries a maximum fine of £20,000.  Serious offenses can be taken to Crown Court, where the Regulations allow for unlimited fines or imprisonment for the individuals responsible (usually the MD or General Manager).

Air Alliance,
with over 40 years experience in the compressed air industry, and over 15 years of specialist Legislative work, can prepare a Written Scheme of Examination to cover all necessary items of equipment (not just so called “insurance items”) and help you to operate the Scheme.  We can also help in the implementation of the other Regulations within PSSR2000, and keep you and your company abreast of the new legislation. 

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